HEDNA is the leading global forum to advance hospitality distribution through collaboration and knowledge sharing. This association is a not-for-profit trade and was founded in 1991.

The main goal is to share knowledge by cooperating with actors of the hospitality sectors. In order to do so, they frequently organize conferences where all these people can meet and exchange their ideas, point of view, innovations and so on.

HEDNA tries to stimulate the people to book their hotels by using a Global Distribution System (GDS) such as the Internet or other electronic means.

Every year, this association rewards a company which has created a new and innovative concept. HEDNA recognizes a key travel innovator that is driving the all hospitality industry in a new and better direction. It is called “The Spirit of Innovation Award”.

The winner of the year 2011 was “HotelTonight”.

In the article, they talk about their innovation. The concept is quiet easy. Their main goal is to make it easy for consumers to book rooms. Therefore, they have created a mobile service which enables you to book rooms at a special rate for that evening.

Three main inventors founded the company: Sam Shank, Jared Simon and Chris Bailey in 2010. The headquarter of the company is based in USA San Francisco.

Hotel Tonight works with different hotels that see the chance to full fill their room that are not yet taken and so have a better yield management. Hotel Tonight take a commission on every transactions, as they are offering a new market place for last minute, that match the need of compulsive customers that can find rooms at a good deal (big discount by booking with Hotel Tonight). It is a convenient, easy and flexible way to book hotel rooms for customers.

Today this service is only available in the United-States and in Canada, but the Company plans to be international in a near future:

We think that this concept is a great idea and that it follows the trend of today’s online projection.

However, it would be interesting to add more value by selling more products such as: transportation tickets, museum and concerts entrance and so on.

Antalya Berger & Béatrice Burkhalter

Category: Innovation in booking

Key words: mobile phone, booking reservation, hotel rooms, new market place, innovation

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Studierende der STF-EST im Grand Hôtel Chandolin

Zum Start des Studiums verbrachten 111 Studierende der Schweizerischen Tourismusfachschule Siders im September 2012 eine spannende Woche im Grand Hôtel Chandolin. Auf dem Programm waren eine Einführung in die Grundlagen des Tourismus (natürliche und menschliche Ressourcen, Tourismusinfrastruktur etc.) und in die Herausforderungen dieses Sektors. Neben dramatischen Erzählungen zum Leben und Sterben der Walser, der Bildung des Illgrabens und der Rolle der Politik für den Tourismus, konnen die Studierenden auch die Schönheit der Natur und Landschaft des Wallis live miterleben. Höhepunkt war sicherlich die Wanderung entlang der Suone “Torrent neuf” oberhalb von Savièse mit schwindelerengenden Hängebrücken. Mit der Realität des Tourismus wurden sie an der Generalversammlung der Walliser Hoteliers in Zinal konfrontiert.

Autor: Roland Schegg (STF)