Swiss Tourism Outlook 2013

Swiss Tourism Outlook 2013, mountain view

The following forecast of Swiss tourism development in 2013 is divided in 4 major parts:

1) Swiss Franc exchange rate announcement,

2) Hospitality and restaurant preview,

3) Ski lift issue description,

4) Possible risks one should consider consulting these forecasts.

First of all the Swiss Franc is more likely to cease gaining strength and almost return to its more pre-crisis alike exchange rate. Various sources differ as for the exact value, but surviving throughout the year 2013 is crucial, given that banking system does its best to minimize the Swiss tourism industry money loss.

The number of nights in the Swiss hotels should increase in 2013 even if the strong franc will still be present. Some estate investments have been done in the hotel infrastructure to progress the growth of the hospitality. Therefore the value will also increase as well as the export tourist in the hospitality. We can also say that the foreign demand will increase a lot, especially with the Asian market, which is booming.

It is expected that the turnover of the ski lifts will increase in Switzerland in 2013 mainly because there will be more demand of the tourists who reserve overnight stays and will consequently use ski lifts. However, it is always difficult to predict that turnover because the tourist traffic of the ski lift in Switzerland depends a lot on the weather forecast and on the snow conditions.

The forecasts are not perfectly precise and there are some risks that the current situation will change depending on the economy, the weather forecast and the politics.

Media support: Swiss Tourism Outlook 2013 Power Point

Authors TIA team: Noémie Amez-Droz, Karl Arsiriy, Magalie Baechler, Danya Brühlmann
Sources :
Bakbasel : Bakbasel is a service making economic research and consultancy by providing analyses, forecasts and consultancy services in the macroeconomics.
Seco: SECO (State Secretariat for economic affairs) is a competence centre directed by the Confederation and which sector is related to economic policy. RMS : Remontées mécaniques Suisses

Swiss National Bank:


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