Who will the new air traveller be by 2020?

The case study made by HenleyCentre HeadlightVision in partnership with Amadeus shows that by 2020, new trends (more spontaneous, more individual, cheaper, shorter, more demanding, more exotic, more relaxing, more experience oriented) and tribes will flow the tourism and airtravel market. Those new tribes are:

  1. Active Seniors
  2. Global Clans
  3. Cosmopolitan Commuters
  4. Global Executives

Those new trends and tribes will be triggered mostly by economical (rising middle class in the BRIC countries), demographical (1 more billion people by 2025), technological (ICT, more efficient aircrafts) and environmental (CO2 emissions, end of oil era) changes.


Authors: Nadine Mülhauser & Raphaël Grosclaude


  1. http://www.fif.unibe.ch/unibe/wiso/fif/content/e6012/e6025/e6026/e6679/Klimabericht_ST_Apr08_ger.pdf

PowerPoint Presentation: FuturAirTravellerPresentation


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