Status of Swiss Lodging Performance

Switzerland is well provided with lodging and offers many possibilities of accommodation. To analyse the performances we looked at four points:

Status in 2011: Most of the hotels (4773) are located in Graubünden, Valais and Eastern Switzerland. In Switzerland there is a majority of 4*, but also 5* and 3* hotels.

Statistics in comparison to foreign countries: The lodging performances in Switzerland always remain lower as in our adjacent countries. There was an increase of the performances in 2004 due to a promoting tourism policy. But because of the economic crisis in 2009 and because of the strong franc afterwards, the tourism economy has undergone a decrease. The negative points of the lodging performance in Switzerland are: prices competitiveness and lodging supply whereas the positive points are Quality labels and the competitive aspect of Tourism.

Expectations and opinions: We based the expectations and opinions of the clients on six categories. It appears that most of them obtain a just sufficient average of positive opinions. The comfort is good, but the style and decoration of most of the lodging is old-fashioned and ugly in nowadays standards. The electronic devices and Internet access are absolutely not up to date and the welcoming & information could be literally missing sometimes. Although hygiene and ecology are not so bad, it still could be better. And so is the general opinion of clients of hotels and lodging places: Nothing is at the top, everything could be better!

Solutions to improve the performances: To conclude our work we looked over two solutions to increase the quality of the Swiss lodging performances: building brand new accommodation and renovate existing hotels.

Authors: Alicia Etter, Alexandre Clavel, Tiffany Duc and Stéphanie Chappuis

Sources :
Swiss Statistics :…/publikationen.Document.16


Image :

Sources of expectations and opinions : friends, family, co-worker



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