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Cruise’s growth  

Is everyone choosing a cruise over a vacation on land?  to answer this question , we analyzed some numbers in order to understand why and how many people are choosing cruises over land vacation.  We will start with some facts about cruises, which will be followed by some advantages and disadvantages of taking cruises. Finally, we will talk about what has changed in the cruise line industry and we will offer our conclusions.



When we look at the numbers, we can see that from 2010 to 2011, nearly all companies have raised their number of  passengers that spend their holiday on their ship . An idea that will prove to be the same for 2012. Only Disney lost (The Ship Disney has a loss of accommodation from 2011 to 2012), all the others companies saw massive growth. If you look at the average of how many tourist spend their night in the ship you can see that on the whole businesses grew over 30% ,in the last two years from 2011 to 2012 and we think that this is a real trend in tourism.



  1. Low price: I think that the low price of cruises is self-explanatory.  Cruises are really cheap, but we will talk more about that when we discuss what has changed in the industry.
  2. Luxury: If you look at this picture you know what we mean when we say “luxury.”  If you want such a lavish room in a hotel you will pay much more than on a cruise ship.
  3. Several places: When you go on a cruise you have the opportunity to see several places during your holiday; you are not restricted to visiting and staying in only one place for the whole trip.
  4. All inclusive: Most of the cruises that you can book right now are all inclusive and sometimes you can even book with trips with tipping included, this means that you don’t need to bring any money to tip the cruise workers for food and drinks.
  5. 24h entertainment: You can do so many things on a cruise, like going out in the evenings to the movies, to the theater or to the casino. During the day you can lay on a sun chair around the pool, go to the gym or even go to dance lessons.
  6. Cruises all over the world: You can go choose one of the more common destinations like to the Mediterranean, or you can travel somewhere else in the world like on an exploratory tour of the Antarctic.



  1. Seasickness: Cruises are not ideal for you if you suffer from seasickness.
  2. Probably people you don’t like: Because cruises are so cheap all kinds of people are attracted to them. Because of this, it is possible that you will encounter other people on the cruise who may drive you nuts!

What changed?

  1. Cheaper: Like I said before, cruises are quiet cheap, which is why so many people go on them. Years ago cruises were much more expensive and most people couldn’t afford them. Because of this, cruises were often limited the upper earning class. But today many types of people can enjoy cruises—even young people!
  2. Different guests: Before, the cost of cruises limited them to a rich and older crowd, but today you can even find  students or families on cruises.
  3. More offers: Because older guests with full wallets often do not like to be with younger people and families, cruise companies have begun to offer new and different types of cruises to accommodate different interest. Some cruises even go to the arctic!
  4. Last minute offers:  Today you can go on the internet and book a cruise that departs in a week, which is not like it was years ago when you had to organize everything nearly a year in advance. Because of these new possibilities you can find really cheap offers.


There are many more advantages than disadvantages on the topic of cruises which means that it is, a really good opportunity for a holiday vacation, but we think that it’s important to check several offers before booking because not all cruises will satisfy your expectations.


Florence & Celine


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