Air Malta increasing connectivity to Malta this winter

Air Malta increasing connectivity to Malta this winter


The 22nd of November an article appeared in the Traveldailynew about the company Air Malta who’s adding code share with other airlines to expend the connectivity of the Maltese Islands.  The other airlines are Etihad, Austrian, Meridianna fly and Lufthansa.

Two days after, the Times newspaper also wrote an article about the partnership between Austrian airline and Air Malta to synchronize their flights in Budapest, Gothenburg, Helsinki and Sofia. These will increase the connection between the North and the South of Europe.

Air Malta is an airline company, which began its flights on 1st April 1974. The foundation has occurred the 21st march of the same year. At the beginning, they had regular flights to London, Birmingham, Manchester, Rome, Frankfurt, Paris and Napoli. Nowadays, Air Malta reaches more than 50 destinations in Europe, North Africa and to the East Mediterranean, with 200 flights per week.

In this article, Philip Saunders, the chief officer of Air Malta, explains why they have decided to revise the codeshare of the company. By having agreements with Etihad, Austrian, Meridians fly and Lufthansa, it will give the opportunity to travel to people from far-flung countries. It will therefore increase the connectivity for more tourism opportunities.

Thanks to this recently revised agreement, customers will have much more opportunities to fly and from far away.

With the agreements with Etihad, Air Malta will be able to connect with Abu Dhabi via London Heathrow, Manchester and Brussels airport.

With the agreements with Austrian Airlines, Air Malta will be able to connect with Vienna, Bucharest in Romania and Warsaw in Poland.

The agreements recently revised with Meridiana allow Air Malta to connect with Torino through Rome.

Finally, the last agreements with Lufthansa create the opportunity for Air Malta to connect to a host of airports in Scandinavia such as Stockholm in Sweden and Oslo in Norway.

As a result, all these agreements with Air Malta will increase the flight numbers on the connecting services. It will then have an impact on the amount of passengers and therefore on the economy of Malta.

We are convinced that it was a good step for the company and that it will increase the annual benefit. But we have to admit that we were quite surprised by such an improvement during these days as the economy is not in its best shape and all the partners are taking risks to expend the offer.

However, it might also have a negative impact as it could increase the amount of tourists so much that it will become mass tourism. This aspect is not to be forgotten and always to be taken into consideration in order not to become a negative point for the destination. Another negative aspect will be of course for the environment, as more flights will increase the air pollution. 




Béatrice Burkhalter and Antalya Berger




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