Myanmar welcomes the world

Since 1992, the government of Burma / Myanmar has encouraged tourism in their country. But since then, only around 300’000 tourists arrive each year to visit the country. This was due to the Military Junta which had the power from 1962 to 2011. They allowed little contact between the tourists and the local communities. Fortunately, major elections took place in 2010 and 2012 and a new regime was put into place. The country has great potential for tourism growt. They have a lot to offer for religious tourism (great number of Buddhist temples), wonderfull sandy beaches and authentic places. The president saw the benefits tourism brought to their neighbouring countries (Laos, India, Thailand) and therefore wanted to seize the opportunity. President Obama visited the country a few weeks ago and became the first US President ot visit the country of Burma. He wants to improve their relation for futur investments. The country of Burma has released a guide with pictures to explain to tourists how they should behave in their country. What are the Do’s and Don’ts.Do's & Don'ts for tourists

Authors: Nadine Mülhauser & Raphaël Grosclaude

Presentation: Myanmar welcomes the world


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