Outlook cableways Valais 2012 – 2015


This graph from 2012 includes all kinds of cableways. As you can see, the Valais is leading when it comes to cableways. Exactly 25% of them are located in the district of Valais. Followed by the districts of Grison and Bern.
All the cableways of Switzerland combined have a length of more than 1’500 km and overcome an altitude of about 5 km.

The number of facilities has been decreasing since the early 1990s – mostly due to renewal. Which means a lot of old cableways have been replaced by more modern facilities with a higher capacity.

For the last 30 years there haven’t been any new connections to untouched grounds. The government with its restrictions as well as the cableway industry have therefore contributed to a sustainable development. The governmental restrictions are very strict and it’s barely only possible to build a new cableway between to well-connected ski areas.
The region of the Valais not only has the most facilities but also clearly the biggest market share – 35%. Again followed by Grison.

Swiss cableways have generated almost 750 million Swiss francs of revenue for the winter season 2011/12 – over 90 millions less than the year before. In fact, the revenues have been decreasing since 2008. This is due to the economic crises this year and the rock hard Swiss currency, which is hard to overcome.

New trends
Combining ski tickets
Ski pass “NO LIMIT”:
the Valais thanks to the annual (winter & summer) ski pass. This personal hands-free card grants you unlimited access to all the ski regions in the partnership.
You can skiing/“NO LIMIT” Is a ski pass that allows you to ski in many destinations in snowboarding unlimited in both winter and summer season (glacier skiing) as well you will get access to thermal baths and the Gianadda Foundation all year round. The card is valid for 1 year starting from the date of purchase.

• Children CHF 1’500.–
• Youth 16 – 20 years CHF 2’000.–
• Adult CHF 2’500.—(Val d’Annivers annual pass 810.-)
Val d’Anniviers:

The tickets are available in Grimentz, St-luc, Chandolin, Vercorin and Zinal. So you could ski in Grimentz in the morning and then move to St-Luc in the afternoon.
Connecting resorts

Verbier, Nendaz, Veysonnaz and Thyon
Zinal-Grimentz ,Cable way connecting Grimentz and Zinal

Opening is planned for the winter season 2013/2014
With more than 3.5 km, this cableways will be the third longest of Switzerland. With the connection of both ski resorts, the skiers will have around 100 km of slopes.
The aim of this project is to win the customer loyalty of both resorts and to attract win more market share.

Global risks

As for the national market, the climatic environment is the factor of the biggest importance. Snow is absolutely necessary for the winter season, even though there is artificial snow, it cannot be used at every temperatures. In addition, the use of snow cannons is widely criticized because of their impact on the landscape, the vegetation and on the water itself. The canton of Valais has really strong sun exposition, which is also a problem because sun = snowmelt.
Regarding the economic environment, with the fact that tourism is an export industry, the value of the Swiss franc has a strong

Specific for the cable way market

There is always the risk of an accident, as for example a cabin which could fall off the wire, avalanches etc. However, there are constant investments made to keep the risk of accidents as low as possible. Materialistic investments are being made but also security control is constantly being improved, which therefore reduces the risk. In case of an accident, huge negative publicity is being thrown at the destination.
There is a real competition between the different industries in Valais. However, “Valais/Wallis promotion” will start next year, this new organization has received 40 million Swiss francs for the next 4 years. Its goal is to guarantee the promotion of the following sectors: Tourism, agriculture, commerce, industry, and economy. This is an efficient tool for making the different sectors working together instead of being in competition.

Forecast for Swiss tourism

As we know the cableways are one of the most important attractions in Valais (especially in winter), so we can expect that most of the tourists visiting Switzerland may use them. In this point of view, it is fundamental to interest ourselves in the general expectations for tourism in Switzerland for the following years.
It will as well make the connection with the formal presentations. Actually, one of them especially treats about this topic. Tourism is all interconnected, and as it is a general system, one element may influence the others.
The Swiss alpine area has known a very difficult period from 2010 until 2012 because of the strong decrease of touristic flow (-4.3%).

But it is to expect that in 2014-2015 (+2.1%, +3%), they will be the first to benefit from the general increase in demand of the swiss tourism. It will be mostly due to the domestic tourism, as well as the far-away tourism (mostly Asia, from where a very dynamic demand is created). This data are applicable for the general swiss cableways demand, which will have the same growth in 2014 and 2015.

By Joanne Straub, Mathias Schmidt, Morgane Voumard and Marcial Sommer






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