Swiss Deluxe Hotels – Danya Bruehlmann


Domestic tourism was one of the first forms of tourism practised in the world and today it is a big part of incoming. In Switzerland, hospitality, facilities, transports, infrastructures, attractions are parts of the domestic revenues.

In this case study we are privileging the Swiss hospitality service. Under this topic, we can differentiate many segments of accommodations but we will focus on hotels and especially Swiss deluxe hotels and its environment.

Swiss deluxe hotels

Swiss deluxe hotels regroup 39 Swiss five-star hotels in one entity. Their philosophy is to provide excellent quality of services, prestige and unique combination of tradition and comfort


  • Positioning

They are positioning on the market of luxury and lifestyle as a 5 stars group of hotels world widely unique. It gathers the most famous and luxurious Swiss hotels. These hotels are unique in a way that they offer first class quality, prestige and distinction with unequalled benefits.

  • Geographically concentrated on:

¼ of the people are Swiss and for the foreigners, they are principally coming from Germany, UK, USA, France, Japan, Russia and Asia. In the future Swiss Deluxe hotels would like to target another segment including people coming from India and China.

  • Customers:

The Swiss Deluxe Hotels focused their segmentation practically exclusively on the high and superior purchasing power.

  • Partenaires:

Swiss deluxe hotels collaborate with a lot of partners and collaborators such as:

  • Global Blue
  • UBS
  • Nestlé
  • Confiserie Sprüngli AG
  • Swisscom AG
  • Suisse Tourisme
  • Hotellerie Suisse
  • Swiss, Zurich Airport

There are many others of them but these are the principals.

  • Global objectives:
  • Position as a premium destination in Switzerland
  • Increase in the tourists demand through the development, promotion and distribution of an adapted offer based on needs and a high qualitative level
  • Make the positioning of “all natural” (Swiss Tourism Slogan) a driving force element on the market.
  • Reinforcement of the medias
  • Targeting on exclusive weekend offer and special offer
  • Increase on internet



  • These past few years the Swiss Deluxe Hotels have generated on average 850’000 nights which equals 2.3% of the global nights in Switzerland. They record about 16% of the Swiss hotel’s revenue.
  • The SDH finished 2011 with a turnover of CHF 1.44 milliard
  • Even with the uncertainty of the economic crisis and the franc fort, the Swiss Deluxe Hotels are still keeping their optimism. In fact, though some customers will abandon their reservations, The SDH will not decrease their prices but will offer new attractions and new products. For example they are proposing a new project called “Writers in Residence”. This project is for the “Book and authors rights international day” of UNESCO and it includes 39 short-stories from Swiss and worldwide authors who have written their short-stories during the visit of the different Swiss Deluxe Hotels.
  • The Swiss Deluxe Hotels propose different attractions such as wellness SPA, Golf circuit, Helicopter trip, hot air balloon trip, ski activities, family activities, couple activities, gastronomic activities, etc. They differentiate their products to target more and different kinds of people going from family to business men/women.


Swiss Deluxe Hotels focus their attention on high quality service, prestige and unique benefits. They offer different stay packages and products on the market to capture more and different customers. However, on the whole, their principal targets are customers with a high level of purchasing power. Through their objectives, Swiss Deluxe Hotels would like to position themselves as the premium destination for an accommodation in Switzerland and according to the numbers see above, this objective is not impossible.



Swiss Deluxe Hotels :

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