Swiss Historic Hotels

Author : Noémie Amez-Droz 701_e


With its little touristic trains, its steamers, its castles and its hotels from a previous time, Switzerland can be seen as a historic destination.

For this reason, MySwitzerland proposed a market offer for the Swiss tourism about the history of the country.  For example, they promote some historic bridges between Gstaad and Gruyères. In addition, they do also promote Swiss historic hotels. Moreover they have suggested a partnership with the hotels offering a historic experience. This market targets people who are interested in the history of Switzerland and in the historic buildings. They offer to these guests the possibility to stay in a place qualified as historic.



The objectives of the campaign is to grow the touristic demand due to the development, the promotion and the distribution of the offer “Swiss Historic Hotels”, including hotels with quality and structures adapted to the needs of the customers. And the other objective is to widen the market and the perspective of the partners.



In participating to this offer, the hotels will gain some profits from MySwitzerland, such as having different professional marketings in Switzerland and abroad. They will have two pages in the brochure “Swiss Historic Hotels” which is translated in German, English, French and Italian, in order to touch a lot of people. These two pages include text and pictures and they will also have a page in the principal brochures of MySwitzerland (summer, winter, cities) which is distributed to a lot of customers. They will appear on the website of with pictures and the current offer. The hotels participating to the offer will profit of a public relation in Switzerland and abroad. With the eMarketing of, they will be known around the world. On the following graph, we can see the number of visitors, depending on the season, of the website about the historic hotels.  Their current offer will also be promoted on different platforms in different countries.


For example, the “Grand Hotel Bella Tola” in Saint-Luc participates to this offer. This hotel has been classified 4 stars hotel by the organization hotelleriesuisse. This hotel, with a beautiful view on the Alps in the Valais, has been built in 1859. It has been renovated in 2004, in order to offer a better quality and a wellness space. This hotel kept its original furniture and offers an authentic cuisine to its guests. It has been qualified as Swiss historic hotels in 2001, certified by ICOMOS, due to the fact that, for example, the dining room displays 19th century ceiling painting, or that the hotel owns a large collection of original paintings. Frequent events with a cultural and historic background, such as concerts, talks and themed hikes are organised by this hotel. The customers booking their vacations in this hotel know that they will experience a historic journey in Switzerland, for example they could admire the paintings from another century or participating to a historic event. The “Grand Hotel Bella Tola” offers a unique historic experience in the Val d’Annivier.


Presentation of the offer “Swiss Historic Hotels” :

What is the product?

Switzerland is an authentic destination with a lot of historic and cultural discoveries. It offers to the guest a huge amount of different historic experiences. They can live and feel the history of a region.  This offer targets new visitors as well as people used to visit Switzerland (foreign and Swiss tourists), and people interested in history, culture and traditions.

46 hotels with 5 or less stars are participating to this campaign historic. These historic hotels are presented in the brochure edited by MySwitzerland, like it has been said before. This brochure is translated in French, Italian, English and German, it contains 74 pages and each hotel obtains one page of description with a picture on another page. The brochure is print 145’000 times, in order to be distributed in different region trough different partners such as tourism offices. The hotels also appear on the website of with 5 other propositions of historic experiences: historic routes, restaurants, sites, excursion and ICOMOS restaurants and hotels. ICOMOS (International Council on Monuments and Sites) is a non-governmental international organisation dedicated to the conservation of the world’s monuments and sites. On the website, the hotel benefits of a presence with 13 photos, a presentation of the current offer depending on the season and a direct contact, if the customers want to book a room for example. The number of stars of the hotels does also appear on the website.



HotellerieSuisse, the umbrella organization that gives stars to the hotels in Switzerland, proposes a category of specialization for the classification. This category adds a capital gain to the basic category. It meets the precise expectations of the guests and the hotel can be clearly situated in the market. The hotel can be classified as business hotel or family hotel for instance.

With this specialization, the guest can easily find a specific hotel for his specific needs and envies. He can know what infrastructures the hotel owns and what the hotel has to offer precisely.

With the specialization, the hotel can participate to the campaign of MySwitzerland with a discount of 20%. It will also appear on the Iphon App “Swisshotels Map Search” and in the online guide of the hotels “ with the possibility to book directly a room without any commission.



As we can see Switzerland has a lot to offer about the history of its country. They use the history quite often in order to promote the tourism.  In my opinion, this kind of promotion will increase in the following years. A lot of destinations in Switzerland have more tourists during the winter season, the number of customers is not equitable and depends on the period of the year. For example, in Valais, the majority of guests come during the winter season in order to profit of the snow and of the winter sport, such as skiing, it means that we will find a lot of young and sportive customer in Valais. With an offer such as the Swiss historic hotels, the Valais tourism will target other kind of customer, and these guests could come in winter and summer. Thus the Valais tourism will increase its benefit during the other season and will probably have less cold beds during the summer.


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