Medical Tourism in Thailand


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Thailand, and more particularly Bangkok, nowadays attracts more and more medical tourists from all around the world.

There are many reasons explaining this current trend.  First of all, the different costs are much lower in such countries. Also, people have enough of waiting hours to get a treatment; therefore, travelling to Thailand to get it will avoid them the long waiting lists. Another driver is the good connectivity with the airports in the world. Finally, people are getting older and older, increasing the need for medical treatment.

In 2010, medical tourists going to India, Singapore and Thailand counted for more than 89%. In this percentage, Thailand has the biggest advantage due to its lower accommodations and treatment prices, as well as its famous friendly services. Also, it is fairly easy to get a 30-day visa upon arrival.

Tourism in Thailand is the 3rd economic driver (6-7%), in which medical tourism accounts for 0.4%.¨

In their promotion, the Thai Hospitals received certifications and many positive feedbacks which increases the trust for current and potential customers.

This trend is also seen  from the neighboring countries that also come to Thailand to get treated.

Obviously, not only Thailand is concerned by this new trend. Several other developing countries have a good potential to attract tourists from developed countries looking for cheaper and good quality medical treatment.

Authors: Gabrielle Pasche & Elodie Oulevey

Powerpoint: Medical Tourism Thailand




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