2013 Travel Trends

For the New Year, 5 main trends are expected:

Travellers have become much pickier when it concerns to select the place where to spend their next vacation. Indeed, people tend to be more interesting to travel for attending all kind of events, especially sport ones. Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Tennis game such as in Wimbledon, British Open for golf, the Super Bowl of American Football or top auto races such as the Monaco Grand Prix are sport events that people are willing to spend a large amount of time (and money) attending their favourite sporting events.

Then, the second trend is the travel to exotic places such as in Panama star of Central America, Chile, Argentina or Peru. What attract people there are incredible beaches and jungle adventure but many destinations are increasingly known for fine food and drink. Moreover, all these destinations are now becoming safe destination vacation.
The third trend concerns women who are travelling more and more alone for both business and leisure. Again the safety factor plays an important role. Other expanding trends vacations are mother-daughter trips, girlfriend getaways.

Another trend regarding families is excepting. Indeed, families tend to travel with kids to places that are located close to their home country. Nowadays, places like Amazon, Australia or even the Serengeti are the new trend places to go with kids. This mainly due to medicine which has made great strides in many destinations giving parents more confidence or the increase number of non-stop long-haul flights which avoid the layovers that could be such a headache for parents.

Finally, the last trend concern rivers which are again in fashion. Indeed, from the Volga to the Nile to the Mekong, river cruising is more popular than ever, and shipyards around the globe are building far more luxury riverboats these days than oceanic cruise ships.

Authors: Melissa Verme & Aurélie Vaudan

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