A Bank of Tourism for Switzerland?

RTS broadcast 1/13/2013


As everyone knows, since the 12th of March 2012, the Swiss tourism faces a new challenge: The initiative of Weber !  This innovation diminishes the number of secondary homes, which reduces the benefits from this kind of accommodation. Previously, with the profit made with this accommodation, the tourism industry was able to invest both in the hotels and in the cableways. Less secondary homes means less turnover, so less money to invest. The tourism lost an important source of income. How such a problem should be faced now?
A solution would be to create a bank of tourism, as it has been done in Austria. This kind of bank already existed in Austria since 1947. This bank has been created in order to finance and promote investment in tourism. The bank offers a really low rate to the borrowers.

Could it be a good solution for Switzerland in order to cover the lack of benefits to invest in tourism and help various organizations to improve their infrastructure?
In order to create a bank of tourism in Switzerland, the Confederation, the cantons and the important banks should work all together. The results of a thorough study will be examined by the Swiss parliament in March 2013

A bank of tourism

by Noémie Amez-Droz and Karl Arsiriy





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