Google Travel

“Dream, Search, Book, Live an experience and Share”


Google is well-known for being one of the most popular website and a fat growing enterprise. As many people associate Google with the search engine, lots of them don’t know that they are now trying to diversify their offer and that it includes (especially!) tourism.

Most of the applications, website and software made by Google have a link with tourism. Google Map, Google Earth, Google Adresses are some of them. And you quickly see how travellers can use them. But more specifically, the Californian firm just created “Flight search” and “Hotel Finder” which are directly linked to tourism.

Google strategically bought leading companies of the tourism sector: ITA Software (data basis for air travel), HomeAway (vacation rentals),  Zagat (gastronomic guide), Frommer’s (American travel guide). Google also overtook YouTube, Quicksee and Panoramio making the experience of sharing travel more exciting.

Google Travel provides a complete offer : before, during and after your trip. Moreover, through tracking, the software guides the customer suggesting activities or hotels that could match his needs.

Is Google Travel a new threat for the actual booking engine and for the travel agencies?

TIA GoogleTravel_Alexandre_Stephanie

Authors: Alexandre Clavel and Stéphanie Chappuis



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