Review of Global Hotel Conditions

120622_427312-120612-hotel ratings.blocks_desktop_small

In this presentation we will talk about how we can measure the performance of a hotel by using three key indicators which are the following:

1) Average of the room rates a hotel achieves during the day. (ADR)
2) The occupancy
3) The revenue per available room.

Then we present the drivers of the hotel industry like for example: good service, if there is a breakfast or not etc. We then put the emphasize on what the current global condition is. We explain its positive growth with figures and its situation all over the world. We finally highlight how future development might look like as well as the prediction we can make from the observation of the current changes.

Presentation Global Hotel Conditions.

Authors of Post: Aline Pillichody, Cindy Voide, Sally O’Brien, Ramona Sigg, Lynn Huber, Melissa Nef



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