Summary review of current/future Swiss Hotel conditions using key performance indicators and drivers


In this presentation we will do the summary review of current and future Swiss hotels conditions. In order to do so we will use key performance indicators and drivers. First, we analyze the present demand and supply for the Swiss hotels. Then, the factors that influenced Swiss hotels conditions are explained. Finally, the future of Swiss hotels conditions is examined in lights of different elements. We then conclude by interpreting the factors to give our personal opinion.


Authors : Laureline Magnin, Laura Risse, Jennifer Cabido, Clio Tettoni, Maud Petigas


– Heinz and Michaela Wehrle. Hotel, Tourism and Leisure. Horwath HTL, Special Market Reports issue 10 – Switzerland.

– Swiss tourism in figures 2012, structure and industry data. Swiss Tourism Federation.

– Heinz and Michaela Wehrle. Swiss hotel industry hopes for a comeback.

– Sanaya Pavri. Switzerland top of the travel table

– Karin Frick, Katja Girschik, David Bosshart. Trendstudie – Die Zukunft der Schweizer Hotellerie.

Nächsten Monat, nächstes Jahr, nächstes Jahrzehnt,…

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