Mobile Concierge App

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Moblie Concierge App: With the changing technologies, it is important to stay up to date. Many tourism companies developed useful apps called Mobile Concierge. There are different apps available, but we focused on the Iris Mobile concierge.

The Iris Mobile Concierge App provides the same roles as a regular hotel’s concierge but makes information about the hotel and the surrounding area available while guests are on the move.

The mobile concierge application is a good technical improvement. It’s a new way of getting and giving tourism information. More and more people are using their mobile device as a source for information so this application will definitely get a lot of users.

Authors: Alicia Etter, Heidi Dillen   Class 703_e

Categories and keypoints:

Hospitality sector, international, innovation, technology, app, mobile concierge app


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