The impact of culture in medical tourism

The aim of this paper is to analyze the results of three journal articles regarding the impact cultures could have on medical tourism, which has become a growing industry in recent years. (Liu & Chen, 2013).

Analyzing these three articles was challenging as they provide different perspectives on the impact of culture on medical tourism. However, common points have been identified and recommendations have been given for the Swiss medical tourism providers.

Link to the case study

Author: Joanne Straub 703_e


An, D. (2013). Understanding Medical Tourists in Korea: Cross-Cultural Perceptions of Medical Tourism among Patients from the USA, Russia, Japan and China. Asia Pacific Journal of Tourism Research, 1-29.

Han, H., & Hwang, J. (2013). Multi-dimensions of the perceived benefits in a medical hotel and their roles in international travelers’ decision-making process. International Journal of Hospitality Management, 100-108.

Liu, C., & Chen, C.-c. (2013). Cultural Issues in Medical Tourism. American Journal of Tourism Research, 78-83.

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