How can a mountain resort differentiate itself and readapt to consumer trends?

Nowadays, winter resorts have to face an important crisis. Snow coverage is not always guaranteed and due to climate change, snow scarcity is increasing, particularly in the low-altitude resorts (Steiger, 2011). As mountain resorts have been considered, since the half of the 20th century as being a perfect location for winter sports and activities (Bourdeau, 2009), the necessity of finding a solution to rejuvenate winter resorts is very important. Mountain resorts need to reposition themselves in order to reduce the effect of snow scarcity and the decline of the actual “Skiers” (the number of people skiing is constantly decreasing).

Mountain resorts also need to readapt the offer because of the changing in customer behaviour. In facts, there is a new type of tourist that has emerged: more experienced, more independent and more aware of the quality and especially harder to satisfy his needs (Peters, Steinhauser, & Jochum, 2003).


Author: Elena Petraglio

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How can a mountain resort differentiate itself and readapt to consumer trends

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