Impacts of climate change on alpine resorts


The current ski market is a big one worldwide, mainly within Europe, North America and Japan. Therefore, the impacts of climate change on alpine resorts will results in wide decrease in this important market. Another issue is  the fact that ski season will reduced which will have a negative economic impact for apline resorts. This is the reasons why strategies of adaptation have to be found as soon as possible, we could not control climate change but we could try to diminish its impacts.

As part as our multinational and tourists groups course, module 713, we have been asked to analyse three peer reviewed journal articles which evaluate the same issue at least in two different countries.

For further reading, please click on the following document

Case Study

Author: Johanne Neuffer, 703_e


Elsasser, H., & Bürki, R. (2002). Climate change as a threat to tourism in the Alps. Climate Research, 20(3), 253-257.

Scott, D. (2003, April). Climate change and tourism in the mountain regions of North America. In 1st International Conference on Climate Change and Tourism (pp. 9-11).

Moen, J., & Fredman, P. (2007). Effects of climate change on alpine skiing in Sweden. Journal of Sustainable Tourism, 15(4), 418-437.

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