Medical Tourism

This case study will analyse three different reports based on the topic of medical tourism. It is a quite new trend for people who cannot afford treatments in their home country to go abroad to have medical treatments and surgeries at a lower price and with a service quality which almost reach the same standards of the developed countries. The Asian countries are the main destinations for medical tourism as they have high-qualified doctors and their prices are unbeatable by those which are applied in the developed countries.

Case study

Author: Jonathan Wicht


Abhiyan, J. S. (2008). Medical tourism in India: winners and losers. Indian Journal of Medical Ethics , 1.

Connell, J. (2005, November). Medical tourism: Sea, sun, sand and … surgery. Science Direct .

York, D. (2008). Medical Tourism: The Trend Toward Outsourcing Medical Procedures to Foreign Countries. Journal of continuing education in the health professions .


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