Auf dem Vierwaldstättersee erblüht eine Seerose

2015 organisiert die Zentralschweiz das Tourismusjubiläum Gästival, da sie auf eine 200-jährige Tourismusgeschichte zurückblickt. Das Herzstück bildet eine schwimmende Plattform, in Form einer Seerose. Die meisten Anlässe werden auf der sich in der Mitte befindenden Bühne der überdimensionalen Seerose stattfinden. Rings um die Bühne befinden sich vier Zuschauertribünen, welche für 700 Personen ausgelegt sind. Die schwimmende Plattform wird vom 29. Mai 2015 bis 20. September 2015 zu allen fünf Seekantonen (OW, LU, SZ, NW, UR) fahren. Auf der Seerose sind kantonale und regionale Anlässe geplant, wie zum Beispiel Konzerte, Darbietungen, Vorlesungen und Diskussionen. Das Ziel des Gästivals ist es, die Gastfreundschaft der Zentralschweiz ins Zentrum zu rücken.Auf dem Vierwaldst^^ttersee erbl^^ht eine Seerose



Tabea Bernert, Julia Bruchez


Swiss Society for Hotel Credit

The Swiss Society for Hotel Credit (SGH) is a cooperative financed as well by public means than private means.
This cooperative helps hotels to find investments thanks to the collaboration of banks, the Confederation,…
It also helps them write down business plans and hotels fund infrastructure investments: from granting loans, drawing up feasibility studies and business plans, through to benchmarking against competitors. The society aims to boost the international competitiveness of the Swiss hotel trade by providing comprehensive support.


Powerpoint présentation SSHC


from: Noémie Amez-Droz, Stéphanie Chappuis, Joanne Straub, Danya Bruehlmann

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GastroSuisse is one of the leading umbrella organizations that guide the hotellery and restaurant sector of Switzerland. 80-90% from the members and educational programs. They are also receiving support from the government. As well they also work with the Swiss society for hotel credit in order to help their members.

GastroSuisse now has to deal with the new Swiss law about immigration (40% of hotellery employees are foreigners) which has been voted on the 9th February 2014.
Their president Klaus Künzli will resign in the middle of 2015.

Charlotte Raemy, Giulia Robbiani, Ramona Sigg, Sally O’Brien, Sira Fäh, Maya Simon



inspired by the GastroSuisse presentation of 2013.

Swiss Tourism Federation


The Swiss Tourism Federation is the umbrella organisation for tourism in Switzerland. It coordinates the various concerns of the tourism industry within the country.
It represents the tourism sector in politics and the public. They help the tourism industry regocnize an overcome problems in the future, such as global warming, economic crisis, market changes and growing global competition.


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Since 1882, hotelleriesuisse, together with its 3120 members and 2020 hotels, has stood for a quality-conscious and forward-looking hotel and accommodation industry in Switzerland. The establishments classified by hotelleriesuisse represent 65 percent of Swiss hotel beds and generate 75 percent of the overnight stays. Among the key tasks of the association is the classification of Swiss hotels, the representation of politico-economic interests, as well as training and further education. hotelleriesuisse is present in all parts and language regions of the country and employs 96 people.


Authors: Juliette, Stéphane, Melissa Orianne, Daniel & Alexandre

SECO, InnoTour

innotour-300x62SECO presentation

SECO is the federal government’s centre of expertise for all core issues relating to economic policy. Its aim is to ensure sustainable economic growth by putting in place the necessary regulatory and economic policy conditions.

On the domestic front, SECO acts as an interface between business, social partners and government. SECO also helps to ensure access to all markets for Swiss goods and services and investment. Switzerland’s relations to the European Union are coordinated by the Integration Office, a joint office of the FDFA and the FDEA. The Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) affiliated to SECO is responsible for
all accreditations in regulated and non-regulated fields.

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Authors: Simone Dimitriou, Charlotte Audrey, Alena Kochurova, Lynn Huber, Jeannine Muller.

Switzerland Tourism


Switzerland Tourism is an organisation that is responsible for the promotion of Switzerland as a touristic destination. Founded in 1917 it is governed by public law. Its role is to promote Switzerland for private as well as business travel. Switzerland Tourism promotes the country for incoming and outgoing tourists.
With their funny advertisements, Switzerland Tourism tries to share Switzerland’s traditions with tourists who are not aware of them.

Swiss tourism


Authors: Laureline Magnin, Clio Tettoni, Héléna Galera, Jennifer Cabido, Justine Berclaz, Laura Risse

MMT : Mobile Travel Technologies

Management and Tourism School HES-SO Wallis

MMT : Mobile Travel Technologies

The Mobile Travel Technologies, MTT, offers its customers amazing mobile solutions for leading airlines, hotels, travel management companies and online travel agencies – the ones that drive revenue, ensure customer engagement, deepen loyalty and reduce costs.

MTT’s goal is build mobile experiences that travelers will love and make them want to discover more of it.

Being the only company dedicated to mobile technology for the travel industry, MTT are passionate about their sophisticated mobile travel experiences and have built a one-of-a-kind company. 

Mobile Travel Technologies

Authors : Andrey Charlotte, Berclaz Justine, Aysanoa Orianne


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