SECO, InnoTour

innotour-300x62SECO presentation

SECO is the federal government’s centre of expertise for all core issues relating to economic policy. Its aim is to ensure sustainable economic growth by putting in place the necessary regulatory and economic policy conditions.

On the domestic front, SECO acts as an interface between business, social partners and government. SECO also helps to ensure access to all markets for Swiss goods and services and investment. Switzerland’s relations to the European Union are coordinated by the Integration Office, a joint office of the FDFA and the FDEA. The Swiss Accreditation Service (SAS) affiliated to SECO is responsible for
all accreditations in regulated and non-regulated fields.

Keywords: SECO, Innotour, innovation, sustainable, economic growth, policy

Authors: Simone Dimitriou, Charlotte Audrey, Alena Kochurova, Lynn Huber, Jeannine Muller.

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