Breakfast NY : Points Smart Sign, a tourism innovation


Capture d’écran 2014-06-10 à 15.57.15Breakfast NY is a company creating innovative technology products. Its aim is to change how people interact with the web in the real world. It has created Points Smart Sign, an advanced directional sign. It shows what we can do, activities, shops available in the surroundings. This sign is regularly updated according to the time of the day. People can press on the buttons according to what they are looking for.

Mergim Vladaj
Cindy Voide
Martina Wiederkehr

Powerpoint presentation: Points Smart Sign



Pure Inspiration

In this video we wanted to show the diversity of the region. The video starts on the eastern part of the region called Lavaux and then transfers via Montreux to Rochers de Naye. In Lavaux, we show the vineyards including a vine tasting, as it is Switzerland’s biggest area for Swiss wine production. In Montreux, the emphasis is laid on the beautiful and relaxing atmosphere nearby the lake, including the hunted Chateau de Chillon and the exhilarating, worldwide known Montreux Jazz Festival. From Montreux, we pick up the Golden Pass train passing through the beautiful landscape heading towards Rochers de Naye where we let the audience enjoy the hiking trails, the traditional cheese fondue and the marmots. By showing all this, we hope to encourage new visitors to come and enjoy beautiful landscapes but also the diversity of Montreux Riviera.

Montreux riviera pic

Word document:  Montreux Riviera


Juliette, Sira, Lynn, Melissa, Andrea


World Cup 2014 and its influence on the host country Brazil

In this presentation, we looked at the main effect of the world cup on tourism in Brazil which is the host country. First, we tried to understand how the world cup was organized by the FIFA and the host country and then to understand better the transformations due to this international event, we started by browsing some basic information about Brazil. After that, we focused on tourism fluctuation. Finally, to make people think to a better way to do things, we had a quick overview of the controversy about the world cup in Brazil.

TIA Brazil World Cup 2014


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Maya Simon Romona Sigg, Clio Tetonni




Sie sind die perfekten Verstecke für ein lauschiges Wochenende: Baumhaushotels, die in der Schweiz, aber auch in Schweden, Kanada und sogar Tansania Furore machen. Dabei ist Baumhaus nicht gleich Baumhaus: Bei den Waldhotels gibt es unterschiedlichste Varianten, manche sind einfach und praktisch, mache trendig und luxuriös.

Die meisten der Wipfelhotels aber sind urige Holzkabinen, die auf Pfählen in luftiger Höhe gehalten werden. Und schließlich gibt es noch Versionen, bei denen der Gast in Kugeln nächtigt, die an Seilen aufgehängt zwischen den Ästen schaukeln.

Für viel längere Aufenthalte als ein Wochenende sind die Quartiere in luftiger Höhe allerdings nicht ausgerichtet, denn auch wenn es durchaus luxuriöse Varianten mit Jacuzzi in der Astgabel gibt – Baumhäuser haben in der Regel einen eher übersichtlichen Grundriss. Auf die gängigen sanitären Anlagen wird meist verzichtet. Trotzdem gibt es für jeden Geschmack die perfekte Behausung.

Daniela Zürcher, Deborah Taugwalder; 702_a

Mistery Hiking Trail

The Mistery Hiking Trail is a staging activity we did in order to present a new staging experience in a video.

We decided that our participans… :

1. …have to solve a mistery (Topic – the lead instrument)

2. …while hiking (Sub-topic)
…There are different adaption for Christmas, Easter, Kids, Halloween, Valentine’s Day (Changing subjects)

3. …get different things in oder to solve the mistery (explained in the video) which encourages the people to participate. (The stimulation/activation instrument)

4. … can also enjoy the landscape of the Pilatus while hiking (Scenery – the esthetic instrument)

5. … will be doing the hike in a group of max. 10 people. (Visitor management – the steering tool)

6. … receive a mobil phone for security reasons as well as a map where the hinks to the mistery are indicated. To add value, one of the employees will bring them their lunch, so that they don’t have to carry it with them (Management of wellbeing – the support instrument)

7. … are people who like being physically and mentally active. The mistery hiking trail is for anybody,  at any age, who is in good condition. We recommend a minimum age of 4 for the Kids special and a minimum age of 10 for the others (Visitors/Guests – the evaluation instrument)

The video: The Mistery Hiking Trail
Word document: Mistery Hiking Trail Video

Martina Wiederkehr, Cindy Voide, Melissa Nef, Aline Pillichody, Sally O’Brien, Ramona Sigg



In einer Welt voller Massentourismus wird es immer schwieriger authentische Ferien zu erleben, bei denen ein wahrer Kulturaustausch zu Stande kommt. Glücklicherweise kann dem mit AIRBNB entgegengewirkt werden. AIRBNB ist ein Onlineportal, welches im Herbst 2007 gegründet wurde und vermittelt Unterkünfte zwischen Privatpersonen in 192 Ländern. Neu ist in der App ein Feature enthalten, welches es erlaubt direkt mit Einheimischen in Kontakt zu treten und von ihnen Tipps zu Aktivitäten, Restaurants oder gar einen Concierge-Service zu erhalten..


Autoren: Anina Sonderegger & Claudia Schmidlin

Hotel Tonight – Mobile Application

Hotel Tonight is a mobile application for last-minute hotel bookings. It allows  cutomers to make great deals (up to 70% off) and the hotel to fill its rooms. Bookings can be made in 12 countries (including Switzerland) and in 150 destinations. The application is available for iPhone and Android and is free. It is very fast and easy to use. Furthermore, bookings can be made until 2am. More than 9.5 mio users downloaded this app since 2010.



Authors: Giulia Robbiani, Laura Risse / 702_e



Powerpoint: Hotel Tonight