Tourism in the Maldives – the environmental impacts

The environmental changes caused by tourists are a publicly discussed topic nowadays. Nevertheless, we still do travel in masses and therefore have a great impact on the environment. The Maldives, a growing destination, has had many issues in past years with negative environmental changes and not long ago started to implement regulations in order to diminish the growing problems, such as coral reef destruction or rise of the sea level. In comparison, Switzerland is also facing problems, but they are of a different kind. The alpine destination focuses on the nature that needs to be preserved and tries to find a solution for the melting glaciers. We wrote this paper to help the readers understand to what extent their journeys and choices of destinations have an impact upon the environment and how destinations manage the issues.



Keywords: Maldives, Switzerland, environmental change, impacts of tourism

Authors: Bonk Sophie, Fäh Sira, Fan Xuxiangru, Gilliand Mélissa & Sottaz Justine


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