Mistery Hiking Trail

The Mistery Hiking Trail is a staging activity we did in order to present a new staging experience in a video.

We decided that our participans… :

1. …have to solve a mistery (Topic – the lead instrument)

2. …while hiking (Sub-topic)
…There are different adaption for Christmas, Easter, Kids, Halloween, Valentine’s Day (Changing subjects)

3. …get different things in oder to solve the mistery (explained in the video) which encourages the people to participate. (The stimulation/activation instrument)

4. … can also enjoy the landscape of the Pilatus while hiking (Scenery – the esthetic instrument)

5. … will be doing the hike in a group of max. 10 people. (Visitor management – the steering tool)

6. … receive a mobil phone for security reasons as well as a map where the hinks to the mistery are indicated. To add value, one of the employees will bring them their lunch, so that they don’t have to carry it with them (Management of wellbeing – the support instrument)

7. … are people who like being physically and mentally active. The mistery hiking trail is for anybody,  at any age, who is in good condition. We recommend a minimum age of 4 for the Kids special and a minimum age of 10 for the others (Visitors/Guests – the evaluation instrument)

The video: The Mistery Hiking Trail
Word document: Mistery Hiking Trail Video

Martina Wiederkehr, Cindy Voide, Melissa Nef, Aline Pillichody, Sally O’Brien, Ramona Sigg


Zurich Destination Management Organization



Zurich is one of the most touristy cities in Switzerland. This destination provides many different attractions, such as cultural activities like the FESPO, and the well known Freestyle Festival, which are well promoted by Zurich’s Destination Management Organization. They do not only promote the city itself, but the whole canton of Zurich.

Tourists can profit from their well structured website, where they can find a lot of information about the region, its attractions, tours, hiking trails and much more.

By Martina Wiederkehr, Sally O’Brien, Ramona Sigg

Infograph Zurich DMO

Report about Zurich



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Routehappy is a website where “tips & tricks” are shared and discovered between flyers and the crew: ratings, tips, details & photos about the passengers flight & airport experiences are reviewed on the website.

They are able to do it by measuring the happiness rating from each passenger from each flight. For this they use criteria as better planes, seats (comfort), WIFI, etc.

They know that not all flights are the same so they decided to rate them in a new and exciting way. The aim of Routehappy is to evaluate all the data to create « Flight-specific Flyer Ratings ».

Their mission: « Help you fly better ».

TIA presentation

Authors: Sally O’Brien & Maud Petigas 702_e