World Cup 2014 and its influence on the host country Brazil

In this presentation, we looked at the main effect of the world cup on tourism in Brazil which is the host country. First, we tried to understand how the world cup was organized by the FIFA and the host country and then to understand better the transformations due to this international event, we started by browsing some basic information about Brazil. After that, we focused on tourism fluctuation. Finally, to make people think to a better way to do things, we had a quick overview of the controversy about the world cup in Brazil.

TIA Brazil World Cup 2014


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Maya Simon Romona Sigg, Clio Tetonni

Hotel Tonight – Mobile Application

Hotel Tonight is a mobile application for last-minute hotel bookings. It allows  cutomers to make great deals (up to 70% off) and the hotel to fill its rooms. Bookings can be made in 12 countries (including Switzerland) and in 150 destinations. The application is available for iPhone and Android and is free. It is very fast and easy to use. Furthermore, bookings can be made until 2am. More than 9.5 mio users downloaded this app since 2010.



Authors: Giulia Robbiani, Laura Risse / 702_e



Powerpoint: Hotel Tonight