La Révolution des Concierges

La nouvelle tendance en matière d’innovation hôtelière est de porter le service client à
son  paroxysme.  L’ère  est  aux  concierges  virtuels.  Dans  ce  but,  plusieurs  chaînes
hôtelières  comme Hyatt, Marriott ou encore Novotel ont revisité les tâches du concierge.

Cette nouvelle technologie permet aux hôtels d’entrer en contact avec les voyageurs
avant, pendant et après leur séjour, leur offrant une expérience durable enrichie et sur mesure.

Le concierge 2.0 offre aux clients un nouveau type de services: il transmet des informations touristiques, prépare un séjour personnalisé et envoie les offres promotionnelles des différents services de l’hôtel, tel un assistant personnel.


Document complet : La Révolution des Concierges

Power Point : La Révolution des Concierges PPT


Dylan Berguerand, Samuel Carruzzo, Anthony Dufaux et Joane Schmid

HEG Tourisme – 703d – 2014


Women Only Hotels and Sevices


PowerPoint: Women Only Hotels

The concept

The first women-only concept was developed by a group of reformers in 1903. They decided to build a hotel exclusively for women: the Martha Washington in New York City. The reason was that business women travelling alone had a hard time finding a place to stay in which they were free from being suspected of immoral behaviour.

Nowadays, nearly half of business travellers are made up by women all around the World, and most of them travel alone. That is part of the reasons why hotels have decided to fulfil women’s needs and preferences by offering them special services.
Women enjoy the thought of hotels taking into consideration what their needs are and appreciate even the smallest of things.


Some examples:

Bella Sky Comwell Hotel in Copenhague has dedicted a whole floor of its hotel to ladies. Strictly only women have access to this floor. Only firemen would be authorized in case of fire

Women are travelling more in south east Asia, for business or leisure purpose. The Naumi Hotel wanted to offer a place they could feel home. But a mix floor is also available. The occupancy rate of women-only rooms is 80%, which proves its success, in spite of its high prices (420 to 600 $ per night)


Authors: Charlotte Andrey, Jennifer Cabido, Héléna Galera, Whiskey Wu – HEG Tourism, 703_E, 2014


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