Overview of Aibnb

Airbnb is a community platform rental that connects people who want to rent their property and travelers looking for accommodation.Today, Airbnb represent 300’000 adverts in 33’000 cities and 190 countries. Since its creation in November 2008, more than 12 billion of overnights have been booked through the website.

It allows for the first person to get a financial contribution and for the second to live a unique and local experience. You can rent an apartment, a house, a castle while making some money. Moreover, as tourists spend less for accomodation they spend more for activites, shopping in the city discovered.

Contested in several regions of the worlds, the company force the traditonal industry to reevalute their way of doing. Numerous hotel lobbies were created to influence the law to react and create special laws for the platform.
Despite several problems, specialists have mentioned that the Airbnb community site could benefit from an adjustment of status. The company would become an “exception to the law” and would be tolerated. In conclusion, the Airbnb website is still seemed to have a bright future


Alexandra Butty, Justine Berclaz, Morgane Pfefferlé and Julia Maret 703_e

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Tourism in the Maldives – the environmental impacts

The environmental changes caused by tourists are a publicly discussed topic nowadays. Nevertheless, we still do travel in masses and therefore have a great impact on the environment. The Maldives, a growing destination, has had many issues in past years with negative environmental changes and not long ago started to implement regulations in order to diminish the growing problems, such as coral reef destruction or rise of the sea level. In comparison, Switzerland is also facing problems, but they are of a different kind. The alpine destination focuses on the nature that needs to be preserved and tries to find a solution for the melting glaciers. We wrote this paper to help the readers understand to what extent their journeys and choices of destinations have an impact upon the environment and how destinations manage the issues.



Keywords: Maldives, Switzerland, environmental change, impacts of tourism

Authors: Bonk Sophie, Fäh Sira, Fan Xuxiangru, Gilliand Mélissa & Sottaz Justine


Ski tourism and climate change: effects and business response

Climate change, both from natural and anthropogenic causes, has already affected and will continue to affect physical and biological systems in many parts of the world. The ski industry is one of the first and most visibly impacted industries by the risk of climate change. In this study the effects of the climate change on the ski industry of different countries and their responses will be analysed.


Link to case study: 713 Mini case Study

Author: Anna Ongaro 703_e


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Impacts des Jeux Olympiques sur le tourisme


Les Jeux Olympiques sont une manifestation d’envergure mondiale. Tous les deux ans, chaque nation a l’occasion de se mesurer aux autres en participant à ces olympiades sportives d’été ou d’hiver. Plus qu’une simple manifestation sportive, les Jeux Olympiques ont également un impact significatif sur la vie économique, sociale et environnementale de la société. En dépit des nouvelles technologies, ces impacts restent toutefois difficiles à chiffrer et à évaluer. Cette étude présente les divers moyens mis en place aujourd’hui pour essayer d’estimer les influences des Jeux Olympiques sur le secteur touristique et comment interpréter les résultats des différentes enquêtes.

Mots-clés : Jeux Olympiques – sport – tourisme – impacts – évènements – mesure

Auteurs : Géraldine Jacot, Marc Bürki, Dylan Odenwald, Tiago Ferreira et Timothy Schmid

Poster – Impacts Jeux Olympiques + Etude – Impacts Jeux Olympiques

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