Global mountain tourism current and future conditions

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Mountains are important assets for the tourism industry. They take up an estimated share of 15-20% of the global tourism market, generating between 100 and 140 billion US$ per year. The winter tourism is more developed but will decrease in the future. There will be less snow because of the global warming. The summer activities like hiking, climbing and mountain biking need to get more advertised. The mountain industry has to minimize the seasonal effect and diversify the supplies.

Authors: Maya Simon, Stefano Maioglio, Jonathan Evequoz, Andreea El Fakih, Martina Wiederkehr



Mountain Tourism powerpoint

US Tourism and Travel Strategy

In May of 2012, the Obama Administration presented the National Tourism and Travel Stragegy. It is a long-term strategy for these two industries that aim to attract 100 million international visitors by 2021 (62.3 million international visitors in 2011). They plan on improving the visa process (decrease waiting time and increase process capacity)  without compromising security. In addition, they will continue to work closely with Brand USA who are charged with promoting travel to the United States.

Authors: Béatrice Burkhalter & Raphaël Grosclaulde

PowerPoint presentation: US Tourism and Travel Strategy