What is bleisure?

Bleisure is the combination of business and leisure so it is like when business travelers extend their stay at their destination for leisure purposes. It is a growing trend in the travel industry, as the blurring of personal and professional lives of travelers increases on a global level.

There are already a lot of companies who took advantage of this new concept, like Marriott and CitizenM. There are different drivers that encouraged this new type of travel, like LCC, loyalty programs. This could also extend to such areas as cruising.

Bleisure has advantages for both the employers and the employees and will contribute to the increase in the incensitive travel and will probably impact travel law.


Our Powerpoint presentation: Bleisure complete

Written by: Karl Arisriy and Magalie Baechler, class 703e

Keywords: bleisure, bizcation, travel, travel law, cruiseship, business, leisure, citizenM, Commonwealth, Switzerland, Hospitality


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